Covered Call Alert: GAMESTOP $GME returning up to 46.20% through 19-Jan-2024

Quantchabot has detected a promising Covered Call trade opportunity for GAMESTOP (GME) for the 19-Jan-2024 expiration period. You can analyze the opportunity in depth over at the Quantcha Options Search Engine.

GME was recently trading at $19.11 and has an implied volatility of 80.43% for this period. Based on an analysis of the options available for GME expiring on 19-Jan-2024, there is a 68.30% likelihood that the underlying will close within the analyzed range of $11.93-$31.93 at expiration. In this scenario, the average linear return for the trade would be 14.63%.

Moneyness: These options are currently 30.86% out of the money and there is a 30.74% likelihood that these options will be exercised before or at expiration.

Most upside: If GAMESTOP closes at or above $25.00, this trade could return up to 46.20%. Based on our analysis, there is a 30.73% likelihood of this return.

The downside: As with any covered call, the risk is substantial as it is vulnerable to a downturn in the underlying itself. There is a 39.41% chance the underlying will close at or below its breakeven price of $17.10, resulting in a net loss on the trade.

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